Instilling Excellence From a Tender Age

Our Mission

To continually develop an engaging environment that promotes academic success along with social and emotional wellbeing where no child is left behind; all pupils are supported to reach their full potential to help them function as effective members of the society and the world at large.

Our Vision

To provide functional education which grooms pupils into successful, positive, and motivated learners that will bring positive impact to the society.

Our Core Values

  • Learning – We believe in grooming our pupils into individuals that will uphold learning (Technical Social, and Literacy) and create a beautiful world through that.
  • Resilience – Success in life depends strongly on one’s ability to develop good work ethic and also overcome challenges. We strongly encourage the spirit of resilience in our pupils and staff.
  • Respect – Every human is beloved and important to God. We encourage our pupils to develop self-respect and respect for others.
  • Teamwork – Alone is hard, together is better. We believe that working together helps in achieving great feats in life; therefore, we uphold the principles of teamwork in every of our activities.

Our Approach

Sunnyfields and Tenderfoot schools are both founded on the principle of  “serving others selflessly.”

We believe that every child deserves a good foundation and we are duty bound to provide an excellent standard of education.

Through positive reinforcements and motivation, pupils are encouraged to think independently and interdependently and also become team builders and leaders

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The Teaching Team

The school is equipped with a team of dynamic teachers, qualified and certified in various fields of education. They are professional and dedicated teachers committed to the developing their craft, in order to deliver quality education.

Each nursery and primary class has a teacher responsible for taking the bulk of the curriculum. 

learning experience. 

The bulk of the work of teaching the curriculum however rests on the capable class teacher. Specialist teachers also work with the pupils in the following areas: French, Science, Social Studies, Yoruba, and Music.


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We believe in grooming children to be fulfilled and to serve others selflessly. Let’s nurture greatness in your child.