Why Choose Us?

Excellent educational delivery. That has been our watchword for over 50 years of existence. Our approach to teaching and learning offers a unique edge that enables our pupils to become the best of the best. 

We are confident in our abilities to make every child successful academically and in life. Now, it’s your child’s turn.


To secure admission into the school,

  1. Children intending to attend Tenderfoot Day Nursery must be toilet trained and  2 and half years old by September 1 of the year admission is sought
  2. The school operates from September – July in accordance with the educational system in the country. There are three terms in a session, September – December, January – March/April, May – July.
  3. A consent form to abide by the school rules and regulations is signed by the parents on admission.


Admission is Ongoing for 2022/2023

  • Please provide the full name for at least one parent or legal guardian for the child