Sunnyfields Primary

We are an oasis of learning in Surulere

Our Objective

  • To prepare students for a lifelong learning experience
  • To provide continuity within a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, and structured educational curriculum in a pleasant, stable, and progressive environment.
  • To prepare exceptional individuals that will grow up to achieve great things.

Our Curriculum

The school curriculum reflects our commitment to providing excellent standards of education. The primary section offers the following:




Elementary Science

Agric Science

Social Studies 

Vocational Aptitude

Cultural Arts

Moral Instructions

Health Education


Physical Education


Home Economics




Computer Science

All of which are replete with related activities and excursions to give an all-round fulfilling educational experience.

Parents' Stories

Small Classes

Our class size averages 10-12 with a maximum of 15 pupils per class. This approach allows more individualized attention and enables the class teacher to closely monitor the pupils’ academic and social progress, and maintain social distancing.


Pupils are assessed continually during the term. A continuous assessment report is sent during half-term and parents receive a comprehensive summary report at the end of each term. Pupils are frequently encouraged to excel in their studies throughout the year.

In order to provide a fair opportunity for students to be recognized for their academic achievement, they are awarded certificates of Merit or honour at the annual Prize Giving Day. The criteria for selection is quite steep, but students are hopefully able to receive at least one certificate in their educational journey.

Co-Curricular Activities

The social aspect of the pupils is not neglected in the school. Pupils participate in social event and in annual celebrations for Harvest & Thanksgiving, Christmas Concerts, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Independence Day, Children’s Day, Inter-house Sports, Invitational Relay at other schools, Founder’s day, Open House, Art Exhibition, Quizzes and Debates, periodic Excursions, Easter, Prize Giving Day and Speech Day.


  • Pupils are to adhere strictly to the rules and regulations as laid down by the school. Rules, rewards, and consequences are clearly stated in the classroom and are to be obeyed.
  • Corporal punishment is not allowed in the school, but a system of warning cards (yellow and red) is used to deter offenders. Persistent offenders receive punishment such as detention.
  • Good behaviour is rewarded with special mentions and commendation cards (blue and green)
  • The school draws the finest qualities from the pupils through mutual respect, cooperation, and understanding.
  • In case of gross misconduct, the School Management holds the right to suspend or expel pupils, but there has been no cause for such measures in over 50 years.

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We believe in grooming children to be fulfilled and to serve others selflessly. Let’s nurture greatness in your child.