Tenderfoot Day Nursery

Surulere’s best kept secret.

Our Objective

  • To provide a healthy and congenial environment where preschool children are assisted to develop in their formative years, the essential attributes which lead to good communal relationships and healthy interaction
  • To teach children some of the elements of personal hygiene and habits which form the basic foundations for formal schooling in later years.
  • To prepare the children for formal schooling by familiarizing them with a fair amount of discipline, and helping them  to develop a healthy curiosity and desire to learn.
  • To help children learn by doing.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every child deserves a solid foundation for growth and development in life. Our teaching methods, relationship with the children, and affection shown by teachers depict our sincere determination to help every child learn and grow.

We combine decades of experience to produce well-rounded and socially fit individuals who will grow up to make great things happen.

Our Curriculum

The nursery school curriculum is designed to enhance the development of young children who learn by doing. The curriculum is made up of the following:

Parents' Stories

Co-curricular Activities

Our nursery school pupils are engaged in various co-curricular activities aimed at developing their physical strength and mental sharpness. 

We don’t just sit them down in the four walls of a classroom, we allow them explore and discover things that exist in the society around them.

Some of these activities are regular intra-class and inter-class quizzes, periodic excursions and external visits, drama, field & track games as well as computer games. 

Your child is in safe hands

The school has a passionate team of nursery teachers who are well groomed and qualified to guide the children. Our teachers are driven by the love for what they do, so you can rest assured that your child is in safe hands.

To keep the children protected from the coronavirus pandemic in the school premises, we have implemented the following: 

  • Ample safety precautions are followed by pupils, teachers, and every other individual in the school premises
  • An isolation room and a sick bay, in the unlikely event of pupils falling ill.
  • Temperature checks and regular hand sanitizing.
  • Pupils, teachers. and non-teaching staff all wear masks as appropriate.

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We believe in grooming children to be fulfilled and to serve others selflessly. Let’s nurture greatness in your child.